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Emotional Intelligence

Welcome to EQSA – the homepage of Steph Vermeulen – who has been a leading pioneer in the field of EQ (emotional intelligence) for nearly two decades.  Author of the original 1999 best-seller EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone she has embraced the ground-breaking scientific advances that have matured EQ into the now all-encompassing field of Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ).

Make things happen:  Exponential growth is disrupting everything from the clumsy, old-fashioned systems that used to run the world, to our core beliefs.  With much less fanfare but no less significance progressive leaps in technology have provided ground-breaking insights into human behaviour turning age-old beliefs about the human mind on their head (so to speak).  In turn, this is transforming widely held psychological wisdom.

New discoveries about the mind demonstrate that thoughts and feelings work in tandem to produce intelligence and the term personal intelligence describes the combined workings of EQ and IQ.  Although EQ was hailed as the master aptitude, personal intel speaks to being future fit because both IQ and EQ are necessary to fathom and navigate the uncharted waters of the exhilarating disruptive revolution we are living.

Some people welcome the breathtaking pace of change with enthusiasm while others view it with fear and trepidation. The differentiator is not genetic, generational or any other inborn disposition, it is how we’ve been soft-wired by customary memes (units of social conditioning) to approach life.

Unregulated emotions interfere with the brain’s ability to think, so the primary reason for developing a healthy level of personal intel is to ensure sound judgement instead of settling for knee-jerk reactions that have no purpose other than to cover for powerful feelings like anger, fear and insecurity.

There’s no need to be at the mercy of impulsive feelings.  Now you can use your thinking mind to make sense of this valuable emotional feedback to live authentically and get more of what you want, more often (without ever having to step on anyone else’s toes).

Learn to be so damn good no one can ignore you!

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Personal Intelligence

Personal Intelligence:

Steph’s new book – Personal Intelligence – Now available in book stores and on Amazon (Kindle) .
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EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone (1999)

Stephanie Vermeulen’s book EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone uniquely contains a comprehensive emotional dictionary. Use it to understand and work with the intelligence of your feelings.
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Kill The Princess


Steph tackles a range of issues facing women today, from body image to popular notions of femininity, from women’s business personas to the politics of family.
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Stitched Up

Stitched Up:

Best known for debunking myths about EQ, Steph does it again in Stitched-Up, in which she demystifies the complex issues facing women in modern life.
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    Steph Vermeulen (EQ pioneer) and Simon Carpenter (Chief Innovation Officer for SAP SA) interviewed here by Ryan Hogarth on The New Normal about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to release us from the drudgery [...]


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Steph is known as a meme-buster who wrestles with the status quo to mentally prepare individuals to embrace change rather than resist it.  Her exciting brand of personal intel goes way beyond the theoretical and whether you read one of her books, attend her seminars or hear her speak at a conference you will notice that she offers practical tools to help people think straight.

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