The Stunning New Manifesto From One Of The Pioneers Of EQ…

Stephanie Vermeulen is one of the leading pioneers in the field of EQ. She is author of the 1999 best-seller EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone and – for the past two decades – has embraced the ground-breaking scientific advances that have matured EQ into the all-encompassing Personal Intelligence. In this new book she successfully cuts through the burgeoning self-help crescendo to deliver a blueprint for reality.

Anything And Everything Is Possible…

Exponential growth is disrupting everything from the systems that used to run the world to our core beliefs. More than mere ‘game-changers’, research into brain plasticity is transforming conventional wisdom. We now know that the human mind is a collection of habits, acquired and reinforced over time. Habits can shift and right now they must.

This book prepares you to take advantage of progress and includes an eye-opening self-analysis process that will reveal what’s really important to you. Your purpose, which you will decide, will translate into your life’s work, or your fit in the future.

Your Personality Is Not Fixed…

Who we think we are is the sum total of beliefs we absorbed via the memes surrounding our development. Memes are simply ideas replicated by our families and societies; social conditioning which may not be right or even true, so it can be changed.

The Hard Truth About Your Emotions…

Feelings provide feedback about our wellbeing; vital guidelines for our happiness and comfort.

  • Ignored or unfelt emotions are at the root of all negative patterns in your life, including addictions, time-wasting, destructive and self-sabotaging behavior.
  • You are not bound by your genetic inheritance. There’s very little about our makeup that is automatically transferred via our genes.
  • Today’s emphasis on self-esteem is fuelling narcissism. Your achievement is not dependent upon you loving you; it’s about developing confidence in your abilities.

Debunking Some ‘Laws of Attraction’…

Your thoughts do not manifest your reality. No scientific basis exists for the idea that thoughts are ‘real forces’ able to manifest stuff in your life. Gratitude is a good value to hold but it doesn’t shift anything in the universe.

  • Being unrealistically positive is as delusional as being grouchy and negative.
  • Falling in love has nothing to do with feelings. It’s a primordial head-trip; a concoction of hormones and brain chemicals that make you crazy enough to have sex, with anyone.
  • Perception is faulty (always); so is memory.
  • Passion is not a pre-requisite for achievement. It helps us get out of bed and do more of what we love doing but it doesn’t necessarily mean that fame and fortune will follow.

The best mantra for being Future Fit is focus, focus, focus.

Also available at all major bookstores.

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