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Kill the Princess: Why Women Still Aren’t Free From the Quest for a Fairytale Life

What does it truly mean to be a modern woman? Do women still hunger for that fairytale life?

In Kill the Princess author Stephanie Vermeulen tackles a wide range of issues facing women today, from body image to popular notions of femininity, from women’s business personas to the politics of family. In an attempt to keep everything together and strive for unattainably perfect lives, women increasingly fall prey to exhaustion and fatigue. A huge reason for this, Vermeulen agues, is that women are still programmed to be self-sacrificing and as a result don’t take care of themselves. Vermeulen uncovers that although women hold their own—they are earning more, maintaining jobs and family, and indeed have more freedoms than they did even 30 years ago—their personal, artistic, and professional needs continue to go unnoticed and unmet.

Hard-hitting, provocative, and empowering, Kill the Princess is a wake-up call for women everywhere, shedding light on the ways that society naturally expects more from women but fails to fully recognize and respect their efforts and results. Verlmeulen’s serious but ultimately hopeful message is that women deserve better, and it is time that they demand it.

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