Challenging masculinity: A new perspective

In the eye-opening book "Why men hurt women and other reflections on love, violence, and masculinity," Dr. Kopano Ratele, an esteemed academic psychologist and passionate gender activist, challenges the idea that masculinity is set in stone. Through a thought-provoking study involving parents of boys, Ratele exposes the stark contrast between the inflexibility of masculinity and [...]

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Returning to your authentic self

Conventional physicians and psychiatrists are focused on their patients' presenting symptoms, and most often prescribe medication to suppress the symptoms of emotional, physical or psychic illness. Just how helpful is this approach?  In The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture, Dr Gabor Maté and his son Daniel, challenge our notions [...]

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JP Landman: Corruption and Consequences

Corruption & Consequences – an uplifting analysis by JP Landman, South Africa’s most astute political and trend analyst. Writer: JP Landman Political & Trend Analyst 20 October 2022 Once a year, usually in August, I do an update on the fight against corruption. This year I delayed it because the head of the National Prosecuting [...]

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Detoxifying Leadership

The revival of conservatism has placed the idea of the ‘strong-man leader’ under a spotlight and the shortcomings are as glaringly obvious as a large red wine stain on a pristine white tablecloth.  Bullyboys like Vladimir Putin, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and our own Jacob Zuma, put millions of people at risk financially, ecologically and/or [...]

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Why We Have a Brain

THE REAL REASON WE HAVE BRAINS When pondering why we have brains many of us are tempted to conjure up all sorts of lofty reasons that grandstand our superior understanding of life and the universe. But according to neuroscientist and engineer, Daniel Wolpert, we have brains for one reason and one reason only; to produce [...]

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How to be Human: The Manual by Ruby Wax

Authored by a Comedian, a Neuroscientist and a Monk (Ruby Wax, Dr Ashish Ranpura and Gelong Thubten respectively) This delightful interview with three of the most unlikely collaborators will make you laugh your way into having a refreshingly new perspective on yourself:

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20 Metatrends for the 2020s by the brilliant futurist Peter Diamandis

TECHBLOG by Peter Diamandis edited for brevity. The full blog can be accessed here: In the decade ahead, waves of exponential technological advancements are stacking atop one another, eclipsing decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact. Emerging from these waves are 20 “Metatrends,” likely to revolutionize entire industries (old and new), redefine tomorrow's generation [...]

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LOCKDOWN – 7 emotional stages you will go through

As we go into the second week of lockdown in South Africa, a clinical counsellor breaks down the stages we may be going through with practical tips on how to cope. Adapted from an article that appeared in Condé Nast Traveller Bhavna Bharvani - a clinical counsellor based in Hong Kong - tells us what [...]

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The African Youth Survey provides a refreshingly bright understanding of a new generation of young connected Afro-optimists who are doing incredibly innovative things with nothing. The survey -  the largest of its kind - shows Africa’s young people are imbued with optimism about the future, have a strong sense of individual responsibility and want to [...]

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Progress – 10 Reasons to Look Forward to the Future

The Good Old Days are Now! Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future by Johan Norberg Writer:  Steph Vermeulen – brain-based EQ facilitator and author of Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (EQ + IQ) The book Progress celebrates our triumphs.  Stop and notice the science, technology and wealth surrounding us – it’s [...]

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