Stephanie Vermeulen’s book EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone uniquely contains a comprehensive emotional dictionary. Use it to understand and work with the intelligence of your feelings.

“Stephanie Vermeulen is one of the top visionary thinkers in the country and the best in her field. This publication is an exceptional addition to her work and is sure to stimulate and inspire. Masterfully written, it’s easy to understand and is the best book that I’ve ever read on EQ.”
John Kehoe – International Mind Power Guru

What the media said:

“What sets the book apart from the many similar works on the market is its sound practical thread… Vermeulen has created the vehicle for a readable, enjoyable and revealing journey into yourself.”
Business Day

“If you’re feeling a bit battered by change, intimidated by technology and anxious about where you fit into the future of work, Stephanie Vermeulen is the no-nonsense role model you need.”
Cape Argus

“Stephanie Vermeulen’s EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone is written in a chatty style with anecdotal illustrations. It includes an emotional dictionary with often pithy, and sometimes witty, definitions of ‘feeling words’. The book is deceptively easy to read.”
The Citizen

“EQ is a book which makes you feel empowered and motivated to change. Best of all it’s written by a South African who understands the local neuroses and who believes that the only way to lasting happiness is through a healthy level of emotional intelligence.”
The Argus

“Stephanie Vermeulen is South Africa’s very own EQ guru. She is the Daniel Goleman of local emotional development – and she’s the only trainer to develop the EQ principles for personal development in the real world.”
SA City Life

“South African motivator and lecturer Stephanie Vermeulen is no boggle-your-mind merchant, as she proves in EQ. She reduces all the technical arguments to straight-forward briefings on how to harness your emotional intelligence.”
Farmer’s Weekly

“Local guru Stephanie Vermeulen has written a practical, step-by-step approach with lots of real examples and anecdotes for easy reading, without falling into the trap of sounding condescending.”
Discovery Magazine

“Much has been already been written about the subject, but Ms Vermeulen deals with emotional intelligence in a very practical, easy-to-comprehend manner.”
EP Herald

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