Meet Steph


In a nutshell, Steph inspires people to develop a healthy appetite for what she terms the exhilarating disruptive revolution. Three times published, she has been a leading pioneer in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for two decades and her boundless energy makes her an acclaimed speaker and facilitator. Steph takes her responsibility seriously to keep up-to-date with inspiring breakthroughs about the human brain and – even though her work is rooted in science – she emphasises the practical application of Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ).

Steph was one of the first practitioners to introduce the practical application of EQ into her seminars in 1996 and her bestselling book – EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone – followed in 1999. She is an entrepreneur who develops material for both business and public applications. She has a passion for teaching people to grow into their potential and gives insight into the mental and emotional habits that inhibit progress while providing tools for behavioural change.

With a lifelong zeal for empowering women, Steph launched her second book: Stitched up:  Who fashions women’s lives? in November 2004. This book emerged from seminars she developed to specifically deal with the emotional challenges women face as a consequence of female socialisation. This book was published in the USA in 2007 under the title:  Kill the Princess. She has an academic background in formal psychology and her witty and insightful presentations have, over the past 20 years, made a meaningful impact on thousands of people’s lives. She has empowered audiences in Southern Africa, the US, Europe, Middle East and India.


Why are her presentations of interest or relevance to my audience?

Personal Intelligence helps people free their minds from debilitating emotional clutter (like anger and fear) so that they can think straight and engage in building ‘functional relationships’ (relationships at work, that work).  Whether delivering a keynote or conducting a comprehensive workshop, Steph smoothes relationships- making co-operation easier – and gives people practical coping skills and tools to thrive in future.


What makes her different from other speakers?

Steph gets through to people – her learning penetrates and she keeps audiences enthralled by upending commonly held myths that block their ability to cope with change. She develops her own material and insists upon innovation. So, no matter how jaded an audience, Steph can enliven any seminar or conference with her refreshingly new, informative material.


What is her delivery style as a presenter?

Steph has a reputation for ‘pulling no punches’:  She is allergic to airy-fairy material, is a jargon-free zone and her unconventional, practical style is packaged with her inimitable sense of humour.


Why use her services and when should you do so?

Steph teaches people to maintain their sanity during changing times and makes them hungry to create their future.  If you want people to think and behave differently, inject a dose of her inspiring energy into the minds of your audience at your next conference, workshop or seminar.