The Politics of Personality. 702 Radio’s Clement Manyathela chats to Steph who helps us understand why human beings flock to follow certain politicians, celebrities and religious leaders. What is it about their personalities that attract a cult-like following?

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Can you teach Emotional Intelligence? 702 Radio’s Clement Manyathela speaks to Steph about the importance of emotional intelligence, where it comes from and whether or not it can be taught.

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Azania conducts a Masterclass with Steph on Personal Intelligence and how an understanding of brain science and the workings of our nervous system help us cope during difficult times.

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Why Emotional Intelligence is ranked in the Top 10 Skills Most Needed by Execs for 4iR (4th Industrial Revolution)

Podcast of 702 interview with Steph and Azania Mosaka.

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The cult of positive thinking dictates that if you’re unfalteringly optimistic and invest a lot of time in dreaming big, you’ll become rich and successful, thin and beautiful, and attract the best partner in the world. The cult warns that if you don’t think optimistically or dream big, the consequences are ghastly: you’ll get nowhere, [...]

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WITSReview: The Brain’s Wanting-Seeking Circuitry of Addiction

Ancient circuitry, anticipation, addiction Heather Dugmore interviews Steph about the neuroscience of addiction. The familiar routes we follow to our bottle store, shopping centre, drug dealer, illicit affair, online porn site … these are physical or electronic routes but at the same time they create well-trodden mental pathways in our brains with powerful feelings of [...]

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