Welcome to The Effective Training Corporation’s website – the homepage of Stephanie Vermeulen, South Africa’s foremost authority on EQ (emotional intelligence, also referred to as EI).

Stephanie’s exciting brand of EQ goes way beyond the theoretical. Her innovative, hands-on, practical application deals with attitudes that matter in business and in life.

Emotions interfere with the brain's ability to think straight, so the primary reason for training EQ in business is to ensure that appropriate decisions are made i.e. decisions that are good for the business instead of those that cover for debilitating personal feelings like fear and insecurity.

Addressing the real function of emotions, she clearly shows how feelings can be put to work. And work they do. As her impressive track record shows, Stephanie produces lasting, bottom-line results.
Stephanie’s mission is to be a ‘messenger for re-creation’, in other words to help people empower themselves. She achieves this by providing programmes that are practical and accessible to all, programmes that also produce positive, lasting results. Find out more about her effective brand of EQ – for either the public or business - by viewing Seminars and Training.
Stephanie’s presentation is challenging, entertaining, gutsy and very thought provoking. She is available for speaking engagements locally and internationally, and offers various programmes from a one-hour conference to weeklong in-depth seminars for all audiences. Contact us for information.
On this site you can browse through Stephanie’s book on EQ or order it. You can also find out more about some commonly asked questions in the FAQ section and discover why she felt the need to make South Africans more optimistic by initiating National Be Positive Day.

Browse this site for public seminars, business training or for some simple, practical and inspiring information and articles on emotional intelligence (updated with new articles added).

Updated Video Clips
We've just updated the series of video clips showing Stephanie in action, these include her being interviewed on TV and excerpts from  presentations, conferences and  various training sessions. Click here to view. These clips are also available on YouTube


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and five friends successfully reached the summit of Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest mountain at 5895 meters
(19340 feet)
- on Women's Day.

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Soon to be launched ...

Steph's new book - Personal Intelligence - will be launched within the next few weeks.

If you wish to be updated about when and where, please send Steph an email (steph@eqsa.co.za) with the subject line: Personal Intelligence.

Watch out too for Steph's next public seminar. This programme is backed by the latest scientific findings that literally liberate the authentic you and help you to get what you want, most of the time.

Due to her corporate training schedule, Steph doesn’t get much opportunity to run public EQ programmes, so if you are interested in attending (or know someone who may need this) please reserve your place early as space is very limited. Click here for more information.


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