Imbokodo! The Future is Female

Anastasia Machobane invited Steph to present on the progress made by women in Africa as a celebration of women’s month in South Africa.

A Missing Health Revelation

Steph Vermeulen Delivers an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Masterclass

Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ)

Steph introduces the concept of Personal Intelligence or EQ All Grown Up as she calls it.

What is Personal Intelligence?

How science has bust many myths held to be true under the guise of commonly held ‘wisdom’.

The Exhilarating Disruptive Revolution

Warp speed change means anything and everything is possible – how future fit are you?

What are Emotions?

Learn to work with the traffic flowing between your thinking brain and body by understanding the language of your emotions.


Viruses of the Mind. Find out how our brain is soft-wired by the sea of social condition we are plunged into.  Are you really who you think you are?.

The Myth of Self-esteem

How the movement to make us feel good is making narcissism look normal.

Why it’s a Woman’s World

Steph reveals the 4 conditions that show we live in a women’s world.  Excerpt taken from a talk delivered in Dubai (UAE) in 2005.

Inspiring Leadership

Steph asks a pertinent question about what it takes to be an inspiring leader. Excerpt taken from a talk delivered in Dubai (UAE) in 2005.

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