About Stephanie Vermeulen

Steph incorporates new scientific findings into her practical seminars on Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ). She is the author of Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (2015), EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone (1999) and Kill the Princess: Why Women Still Aren’t Free from the Quest for a Fairytale Life (2007).  Steph is also a life coach and was one of the first practitioners to introduce the practical application of EQ into her seminars in 1996. She has audiences in Europe, India, the Middle East, Southern African region and the USA.

WITSReview: The Brain’s Wanting-Seeking Circuitry of Addiction

Ancient circuitry, anticipation, addiction Heather Dugmore interviews Steph about the neuroscience of addiction. The familiar routes we follow to our bottle store, shopping centre, drug dealer, illicit affair, online porn site … these are physical or electronic routes but at the same time they create well-trodden mental pathways in our brains with powerful feelings of [...]

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From Superman to Superhuman: 4iR – A Blazingly Bright Future

For a massive jolt of inspiration about our tomorrows, take a look at this startling video (11mins) about the 4th Industrial Revolution (4iR) produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF): Watch the video here: “A key feature of the 4iR is it doesn’t change what we are doing but it will change us.” [...]

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Who Am I? You are what your neurons are up to

 “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”  Nobel Laureate, George Bernard Shaw, penned this farsighted observation lightyears before anyone knew the pace of change would accelerate from 0 – 60 in a nanosecond.  Technology has progressed in giant strides – especially in Neuroscience –now we know the brain reshapes itself endlessly, making [...]

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BusinessDay TV Masterclass

 BusinessDay TV Masterclass on emotional intelligence: Steph discusses how scientific findings have advanced the field of EQ to Personal Intelligence (EQ+IQ) and how we can manage emotions so that we can think clearly. BusinessDay TV Masterclass on breaking bad habits: Steph discusses how behaviour [...]

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SAfm Podcast – Interview on Shado Twala’s programme “Otherwise”

Steph discusses why Mind Power techniques like visionboards, visualisation and prosperity-theology don’t work and reveals why we achieve less if you we use these and other forms of magical thinking.  

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