Steph Vermeulen (EQ pioneer) and Simon Carpenter (Chief Innovation Officer for SAP SA) interviewed here by Ryan Hogarth on The New Normal about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to release us from the drudgery of being enslaved by a salary so that we can get on with living and loving life.

Some scientists take the dystopian view that all jobs will be replaced by AI while others say tasks requiring hyper-human skills will be the last to be taken over by robots – if at all.

Here Steph and Simon are of the view that AI has the potential to help civilisation flourish.  They examine tech’s ability to move billions out of poverty into an explosion of creativity and show that AI can help us create a better world; a world that will benefit each one of the 7 billion of us presently inhabiting this planet.

Steph puts forward the view that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is fast becoming one of a handful of hyper-human skills that will help us move forward and keep technology in service of human beings.

Personal Intelligence incorporates the fascinating findings from neuroscience and by combining EQ + IQ we get EQ All Grown Up.  Add this level of human maturity to tech’s ability to enhance our human intelligence and we have to start wondering what is it we human beings can achieve?

Take a look or have a listen – the future may be brighter than you think …



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Steph incorporates new scientific findings into her practical seminars on Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ). She is the author of Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (2015), EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone (1999) and Kill the Princess: Why Women Still Aren’t Free from the Quest for a Fairytale Life (2007).  Steph is also a life coach and was one of the first practitioners to introduce the practical application of EQ into her seminars in 1996. She has audiences in Europe, India, the Middle East, Southern African region and the USA.

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