For a massive jolt of inspiration about our tomorrows, take a look at this startling video (11mins) about the 4th Industrial Revolution (4iR) produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF):

Watch the video here:

“A key feature of the 4iR is it doesn’t change what we are doing but it will change us.”

Klaus Shwab – Exec Chair WEF


Kevin Kelly – author of The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that will Shape our Future – says changes happening in technology will surpass our imaginings.  These 12 technological forces will make us better individuals and better humans who are able to focus on the greater good of the collective global community.

  1. Becoming: By embracing the extraordinary benefits of technological change we join the beginning of the most fascinating time in history. This is the birth of true connectedness – human beings linking themselves into one large networked ‘organism’ that functions as a vast, living, hyper-intelligent, superhuman ‘brain’.
  2. Cognifying: Large doses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are cognifying everything previously electrified. It’s anticipated that business plans of the next 10 000 startups will be:  Take X and add AI.  With the merger of AI and robots, the most successful people will be those who can optimise their robot’s activities.
  3. Flowing: Free flowing information will transform the web into an ever-present type of conversation where each contribution, question or interaction will make it morph into something more intelligent and more helpful.
  4. Screening: Smart screens will be available on every surface making knowledge universally available and accessible to everyone, everywhere.
  5. Accessing: Accessing will trump owning so we can say good riddance to centralised authority and uniformity. Decentralisation increases accessibility to technology and encourages sharing.
  6. Sharing: In a networked world, ‘digital socialism’ is the ultimate in decentralisation.  Collectively, the giving and receiving of information leads to greater efficiency, innovation and even greater progress.
  7. Filtering: Information filters that seamlessly meet our needs in such a personalised, non-intrusive way that we will be unaware of them.
  8. Remixing: Every action we take online programmes and recombines digital content to constantly create new information (visual or otherwise) smoothing the progression from ownership to accessibility.
  9. Interacting: Virtual reality (VR) has no borders and no limits.  VR can teleport us to work and conductive threads woven into fabrics and objects allow us to interact with everything – our devices, vehicles, appliances, even our clothing.
  10. Tracking: Data about customers is the new gold; it will become even more valuable when the Big Brother snooping association is tamed and civilised. For individuals, self-tracking will be as big as life itself with technology recording a ‘lifestream’ of elaborate data about every aspect of our existence.
  11. Questioning: As the old ways of doing and thinking become less secure, we will no longer have to accept that some things are impossible.
  12. Beginning: The best news is that this whole technological process is just beginning … who knows where it will take us … ?