SAfm Podcast – Interview on Shado Twala’s programme “Otherwise”

Steph discusses why Mind Power techniques like visionboards, visualisation and prosperity-theology don’t work and reveals why we achieve less if you we use these and other forms of magical thinking.  

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BusinessDay TV: The Big Small Business Show

PART 1: Steph talks about how entrepreneurs can benefit from developing a healthy level of Personal Intelligence especially when it comes to building resilience and negotiating deals. PART 2: Steph shows why mind power techniques are a waste of time and how the emphasis on self-esteem is producing narcissists who [...]

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Reading Matters: Sue Grant Marshal with Steph Vermeulen

Sue Grant Marshall interviewing Steph Vermeulen author of : Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (EQ+IQ). The book: New brain research helps us to understand our human mind. We need this to help us forge ahead in our ever-changing, disruptive world. Published by #EQSA.

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All fired up about the wiring of the human brain

BY SUE GRANT-MARSHALL, SEPTEMBER 10 2015, Steph's new book launched in Business Day STEPH Vermeulen, pioneer in EQ - emotional intelligence - has spent the century so far studying research on brains. Now, in one short book, she’s turning the approach to grey matter upside down. We no longer talk about [...]

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In Conference with Michael Jackson

Expert on Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Steph Vermeulen, is a well-known author and is considered a Guru of Emotional Intelligence. Steph introduced the concept of EQ to South Africa over two decades ago – it assists and prepares people to manage and maintain their sanity, conquer their fears and focus on making their lives work. [...]

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