About Stephanie Vermeulen

Steph incorporates new scientific findings into her practical seminars on Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ). She is the author of Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (2015), EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone (1999) and Kill the Princess: Why Women Still Aren’t Free from the Quest for a Fairytale Life (2007).  Steph is also a life coach and was one of the first practitioners to introduce the practical application of EQ into her seminars in 1996. She has audiences in Europe, India, the Middle East, Southern African region and the USA.

Kili-ing the Inner Princess

An edited version of this article was first published in the January 2007 issue of O Magazine South Africa under the title 'Scaling new heights' Fifty years after 20 000 South African women took to the streets to march against apartheid, author Stephanie Vermeulen is one of six females to have undertaken a challenging walk [...]

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