About Stephanie Vermeulen

Steph incorporates new scientific findings into her practical seminars on Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ). She is the author of Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (2015), EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone (1999) and Kill the Princess: Why Women Still Aren’t Free from the Quest for a Fairytale Life (2007).  Steph is also a life coach and was one of the first practitioners to introduce the practical application of EQ into her seminars in 1996. She has audiences in Europe, India, the Middle East, Southern African region and the USA.

Past Penises and Breasts to Personal Power – Andrea Vinassa

Stephanie Vermeulen argues that men too are the victims of cultural forces that distort their lives. South African feminist writer Stephanie Vermeulen argues that men too are the victims of cultural forces that distort their lives. Her book Stitched-Up: Who Fashions Women's Lives? will be published in the US this year, making her one of [...]

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What mood are you addicted to?

Molecular emotions Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion: The Science of MindBody Medicine, is the scientist who proved that emotions are the link between the brain and the body. She says the brain is just a big bag of chemicals which are known as ‘neurotransmitters’ because they literally pass (or transmit) messages from one [...]

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5 Stress Triggers @ Work

Daniel Goleman is the name most associated with the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) purely because he was the first author to publicise the topic rather than the person to coin the phrase. Goleman’s first book of the same title was intended as an academic tome for psychology students and, in his own words, no one [...]

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Conference Speaker & Virtual Presentations

Conference Speaker and Virtual Presenter: As an EQ pioneer Steph has been enlightening audiences as a keynote speaker for a quarter of a century.  Her wealth of up-to-date scientific-based knowledge makes her a highly valued shot of inspiration at most leadership conferences and she has much to offer on diversity and the [...]

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Beware the law of blind optimism – The dark side of positive thinking

A version of this article was published in Health Intelligence Magazine July/August Issue 2015 Even a sceptic would probably concede that magical thinking is more fun than reality, but myth busting authors like Barbara Ehrenreich, who wrote Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking has Undermined America, show us that there isn’t a smidgeon of [...]

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Depression: Relabeling life’s ups and downs or a modern malaise?

Since a 1990 edition of Time Magazine featured the antidepressant drug – Prozac –on its cover as a ‘miracle cure’ for depression, it seems a little curious that the world has become more depressed, not less. It’s well known that a severe clinical depression is a debilitating condition that one can’t snap out of (like [...]

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