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Azania conducts a Masterclass with Steph on Personal Intelligence and how an understanding of brain science and the workings of our nervous system help us cope during difficult times.

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LOCKDOWN – 7 emotional stages you will go through

As we go into the second week of lockdown in South Africa, a clinical counsellor breaks down the stages we may be going through with practical tips on how to cope. Adapted from an article that appeared in Condé Nast Traveller Bhavna Bharvani - a clinical counsellor based in Hong Kong - tells us what [...]

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The African Youth Survey provides a refreshingly bright understanding of a new generation of young connected Afro-optimists who are doing incredibly innovative things with nothing. The survey -  the largest of its kind - shows Africa’s young people are imbued with optimism about the future, have a strong sense of individual responsibility and want to [...]

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Progress – 10 Reasons to Look Forward to the Future

The Good Old Days are Now! Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future by Johan Norberg Writer:  Steph Vermeulen – brain-based EQ facilitator and author of Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (EQ + IQ)   www.eqsa.co.za The book Progress celebrates our triumphs.  Stop and notice the science, technology and wealth surrounding us – it’s [...]

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