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Why Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Important?

EQ is another way of saying 'human effectiveness' and - in a nutshell - it is important because it sets the stage for our ability to succeed at life. The field of EQ has had a profound impact on the way we think about success. Contrary to what we've been taught, achievement is the reward for having healthy levels of emotional and social competence - the two factors that determine our level of emotional intelligence. While IQ (intellectual/ technical skills) and academia form part of the equation, EQ provides the bedrock for the development of competencies that determine an individual's performance (these are attributes such as the ability to take initiative, the drive to achieve, to be resourceful, resilient and/or persist through challenging times). These are skills that anyone can learn and as a result we can now confidently say anyone with even an average IQ has the power to succeed.

EQ is about how we manage ourselves and if we're able to control our feelings we're more likely to get others to co-operate with our plans. All achievements involve help, support, ideas or information from other people. So if we want their co-operation we must learn to control ourselves. Self-control is about understanding the power of feelings and knowing how to access these valuable emotional tools to get accurate information about our lives. Self-control differs significantly from the emotional habits we learnt in childhood and shouldn't be confused with suppressing our feelings.

Our level of EQ is important because our emotions motivate us to pursue our unique potential - or purpose - and as such it is our feelings that activate our life-force or personal power. This is how we manage our natural source of energy. If you think about it - when you feel good - you have enough drive to make the most of your life. But when you feel low it's hard to achieve anything.

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So practically a healthy level of EQ means knowing how to be relatively happy (or content) most of the time. It's about knowing that you have the resources inside you to manage both life's successful and taxing moments. This is important because those who have a high level of EQ are more likely to master life's ups and downs than those with a high IQ but few life-skills.

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